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2019 Home Design Trends

By January 31, 2019 March 19th, 2019 No Comments

If you’re looking to build a new home in 2019 this list will help you know some of the trends for the new year.

sustainability as a home design trend in 2019


Sustainable building supply, and energy sources have grown in popularity in the past several years. In fact, in the state of California there is a law requiring each new house built to be fixed with solar panels. As you work on your new home this year, consider how sustainable supplies and energy could figure into your design.

Nordic Minimalism

The minimalist design of the Scandinavian countries has recently found popularity across the United States. These beautiful and austere designs are set to continue their popularity, but with some updates to color palates and combinations.

southern utah home design

Home Office

Working from home has grown more and more in popularity in the past several years. With that being the case, people are beginning to incorporate improved workspaces in their new home designs. Even  if you don’t work from home, a home office can be a beautiful and useful addition to your home.

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