3 Home Decor Trends For 2018

By February 7, 2018 March 29th, 2018 No Comments

Home decor trends change each year, and many people decide to spruce things up to keep up with the times. Planning an overhaul to your local home furnishing store to keep your place up-to-date? Then consider the following 3 trends we have seen emerge in 2018 below.

emerging home decor trends

Velvet Takeover In Home Decor

Velvet, a fabric that was once thought of as outdated, is now being viewed as luxurious and unique. We are seeing velvet sofas being manufactured everywhere, and they’re starting to pick up traction. From royal blues to deep purple tones, velvet decor is making its move into homes in 2018.

Brass Decor

Brass has also been seen as outdated while stainless steel and polished nickel took over bathroom furnishings worldwide. We are starting to see these modern metals being replaced with brass to give warm accents to bathrooms. Items like sink faucets, shower knobs and light fixtures are being installed in bathrooms everywhere, and they’re expected to takeover 2018 as well.

Black and White

There’s something about the bold and clean feeling of black and white home decor in any given space. We are starting to see this popular contrast in homes this year as it gives a simple, yet balanced feel to any room of the house. Think white sofas and black tables used in combination to accent one another. The bold black and white look is taking over living rooms worldwide.

upcoming home decor trends

When it comes to home decor, there is always the latest and greatest trends that people try their best to keep up with in order to keep their homes relevant and remain in style. If you’d like a little more inspiration as to what’s hot in home decor in 2018, click here.  For information on our trendy home designs, click here.