3 Landscaping Tips for Homesellers

By July 17, 2019 No Comments

Curb appeal is the concept that someone will make their first impression, and possibly last impression, of your home when they pull up to the curb. If you’re selling your home and the curb appeal is not there, you may miss out on potential buyers you could otherwise have attracted. As such, today we offer some tips to remember when you’re preparing to list your house.

curb appeal homeselling1. The Lawn, Plant Beds, and Trees

Make your lawn immaculate. Hire a service to spruce it up in preparation and then keep it watered cut, edged, and weeded. Same goes for the plant beds: clean out the dead plants, make sure they’re neat, and definitely consider adding some new flowers or bushes to brighten the view. Lastly, the trees should be professionally trimmed, and shaped, same with the bushes. The goal is, neat, tidy, professional, attractive.

2. The Sidewalk and Path

Sidewalks and pathways can get very messy over time. Sometimes weeds or grass will grow up between the cracks; sometimes stains will grow on the surfaces themselves. For the unwanted growth, buy weed killer, apply daily until the plants die, then remove with a hand trowel. For the stains, rent a pressure washer (or hire a service) for a couple of hours, and spray down the affected surfaces. This small touch can offer a much more polished look.

landscaping for homesellers3. The Accessories and Decorations

If there are decorations you like, you might consider whether they make the house as a whole look better, or if you only like them yourself. If you think they add to the house, leave them where they are. If they’re very “you specific,” then put them in the garage until you get some offers. As far as decorations to add, look into some foot lighting for your path, or a simple lamp post. Be sure to check that outdoor lights are all functional, and clean. Replace what’s broken, including burned out bulbs. Potted plants also offer a lively and attractive look to the front of a home (try flanking your door with a couple of small trees or shrubs).

Selling your home is tricky business. It’s important to use all the tools in your arsenal to make it happen for you and your family. As you begin the process of selling your home, you ought to also begin thinking about a new home. At Perry Homes we both build new homes, and sell homes we’ve already built in Southern Utah. Contact us today so we can help you find your dream home. Don’t forget to check back on this blog for all the tips you need for home selling and buying, home improvement, and fun things to do in Southern Utah. Come see why Utah keeps coming home to Perry Homes