3 Rainy Day DIY Home Improvement Ideas

By May 30, 2019 June 11th, 2019 No Comments

This spring has been one of the coldest and wettest of recent memory. That means most of us frequently find ourselves stuck indoors. Today we offer 3 easy, and fun DIY home improvement ideas for you.

diy home projects

1. Repaint a Room

If there’s a room in your home that has grown stale, pick a fun color, and repaint. Repainting one room can have surprisingly satisfying effect on a whole home. Depending on the size of the room, this project is inexpensive, and generally does not take very long.

2. Refurbish Your Doors

An often neglected detail of your home which is constantly in view are old doors, fallen into disrepair. Doors get dents, and paint chips, not to mention discoloration, marks, and stains. Pull the door off the hinges by pushing up from the bottom of each hinge with an appropriately sized screwdriver. Paint the door back to its old glory, or pick a new color to liven up a hallway.

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3. Declutter

You’re sitting around your house anyway, wishing to be outside. Why not work to clear up that giant mess inevitably piling up in your hall closet? Pull it out, and get rid of the junk you never use or look at, given the fact that it’s hidden under piles of other things you may or may not even need. Decluttering takes a little time, but you’ll free up space, and you’ll find that it eases a burden on your mind you might not have even been aware of.

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