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Reasons to Visit Sand Hollow State Park

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What gets better than amazing scenery, sandy beaches, outdoor adventures, and breathtaking sunsets? It is hard to beat. Southern Utah is a place to take in true beauty and to experience the scenic state parks around the area. One, in particular, that is quite a popular spot to visit is Sandy Hollow State Park. Here are three of the top things to not miss while visiting this amazing state park:

sand hollow state park beach

Sandy Beaches

Enjoy the sun on the warm orange sandy beach with fresh water to dive into. This is a great way to enjoy relaxing and is something you will never be able to experience anywhere else! Warm waters and a sandy beach? What more do you need?

Scenic Red Rock

Views on views. No matter what you decide to do at Sand Hollow, the stunning red rock formations are incredible. The unique Red Navajo sandstone rocks in the lake is a sight you will never forget. Plan your trip now! You are in for a real treat.

ATV Trails

Ride through 15,000 acres of sculpted sand dunes with your friends and get those endorphins pumping! If you love adventures, your ATV experience will be the most memorable. The gorgeous backdrop is a great addition to this Sand Hollow adventure.

sand hollow state park trails

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