3 Things to Avoid When Building Your Home

By June 19, 2019 No Comments

We always try to bring you the best advice on the buying, selling, and building homes. Today, we have a short list of what NOT to do when building your home. With all of the prescriptions and “do’s” out there, it’s also important to know the prescriptions and “don’t’s” of home building.

home building mistakes

1. Bad Lighting

Nothing ruins a newly minted home like drab, insufficient lighting. All of us have had the struggle of trying to make a room light enough after the fact with lamps and fixtures. Avoid this struggle from the outset by planning. Think beforehand how much light you’ll need in each private and shared space of your home, and plan to install it before moving in.

2. Poorly Planned Space

Sometimes with set designs, or the homes we imagine in our heads, we envision certain layouts. In such layouts, we don’t always have a reason for every room or space within a room. When you’re in the planning phase, you need not decorate your entire home ahead of time, but you should have some idea of how you will utilize all of the space in the home. If not, you may end up with awkward gaps, uncomfortable rooms, or, worst of all, makeshift “storerooms” filled with junk. Think about your spaces, and think about what you want them for.

home building things to avoid

3. Unsolicited Advice

Some advice will be helpful, some will not. Given that you don’t always know which will be which, you need to avoid, if you can, advice you did not ask for. No one can tell you what you need better than you can. Working with professionals, they can help you realize your vision, and work out details you are unclear on, but just because your friend or family member built a house does not make them an expert on what you need for your new home.

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