3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

By November 12, 2019 No Comments

Winter is around the corner and it’s time to prepare your home for the chilly season. For all homeowners, it’s crucial to be proactive around the house to keep it in good shape. Below are 3 top tips to prepare your home for cold weather.

winter home improvement tips

Inspect Roof

The last thing you want is a roof with any leaks when snowfall hits. Checking for any cracks or broken shingles is smart to do before expecting any snow. If you would rather hire someone to do an inspection for you, it usually ranges around $100 – $200 for a roof check. Spotting any issues early on will help get the job done before your roof is already covered in powder!

Insulate Windows

The best way to insulate your windows is with window film, caulking, a draft stopper, and spray foam. To get step by step instructions, follow these instructions to get the job done. Insulating your windows will not only keep your home warmer, but it can also help improve your monthly energy bill by turning on the heater less.

Inspect Heating System

Having a broken heater during the winter can be a real pain. Schedule an appointment to get a heating inspection to make sure everything is functioning properly. Getting this inspection done pre-season will save you a good portion of the money.

preparing home for winter time

Don’t give in to procrastination and let’s get to it! Here are a few more preparations to be aware of before winter comes. If you’ve been on the hunt for new homes in the form of quality construction, Perry Homes here in Washington, UT has provided affordable custom homes for nearly 40 years. Beautiful homes and a wide variety of designs awaiting you!