4 Landscape Ideas for Fall: Southern Utah

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Autumn time in Southern Utah is the perfect time to switch up your home’s exterior personality with a fall landscaping re-vamp. Weather in Utah can be very hot and dry. With the end of the year comes some temperature relief, making late fall a great time to get outside for some yard work! 

fall landscape ideas for your yard

Color Color Color

The southwestern desert climate can get a little bland, color-wise. The late summer/early winter months are the perfect time to incorporate some warm seasonal color palettes into your environment. Try adding blooming cacti with vibrant orange, red, and yellow blooms to add vibrancy to your autumn days. A perfect sprawling bush for this is the California Fuchsia, which features a rusty red. 

A New Paint Job

Consider reviving your old outdoor furniture, deck, or large sculptural structures with some paint color to give your outdoor landscaping an entirely new look. A bonus: weather-proofing your paint isn’t always necessary in Southern Utah thanks to do the dry climate!

Rocks for Modern Landscaping

Fall is a great time to go hard at work on a completely new look. Tear up your front yard and add some red mulch or red rocks into your plant beds for a full-on fall vibe, and modern upgrade to your home. Pro tip: Choosing some bright colored rocks mixed with black mulch can really make your landscaping POP! You could even construct a dry creek bed to switch up the vibe and create visually leading lines that crawl throughout your overall look.

Add a Unique Touch

Adding unique, statement pieces to your landscaping are a great way to show off your creativity to onlookers. A tall cactus or something like a sprawling Agave Americana plant can really add depth and texture to your front yard, adding that ‘wow’ factor. Use these to create garden centerpieces and focal points to tie in the overall look of your home.

fall landscape ideas for your home

Landscaping at this time of year is a great time to take advantage of the cooler months to really upkeep your home. Whether you decide to tear up your lawn and start anew, change some plants around or plant some new ones, or even add in some color, the advantages of living in a drought-friendly climate offer you many options!

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