5 Decor Tips From Staging Experts

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When decorating the house in which you plan to live, your approach might differ from doing so in a house you hope to sell. With that being said, the experts who help stage homes in preparation for selling have something to say about decorating. Their tips offer some universally helpful knowledge on how to spruce up your home’s design. Below we have taken a selection of tips based on several staging experts’ design advice. Following these helpful thoughts will guide you smoothly through the redecorating process.

home staging tips from perry homes

1. Mirrors

It may seem a cliche, but mirrors really do open up a space. They create the illusion of more room, improve lighting, and offer a nice, simple hanging wall decoration. Try putting one in the room you can’t quite figure out, and you may find that it’s the missing piece.

2. Large Art

Finding a wall in a living room, family room, or even bedroom on which to hang a large statement art piece can have a great effect. They make the area more bold, attractive, and interesting. A well-placed large decoration can also make a room feel larger, and more complete.

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3. Add Something Unique

Find a quirky or unusual piece of furniture, pick a conspicuous spot in a prominent room, and place it there. Such pieces of furniture bring personality and authenticity into spaces that can otherwise feel sterile and unwelcoming. It adds a splash of pizzaz and can, itself, be a great conversation piece.

4. Simplify

Remove clutter. Unused furniture, excess pillows, unsightly piles of blankets, whatever is sitting around your home and clogging it up. Either move, or remove entirely such items. It’s amazing how much a little de-cluttering can do to freshen up a design.

5. “Float” Your Furniture

In an effort to create space, we often push our furniture against the walls. This makes rooms uncomfortable, and impractical. You can’t easily hold a conversation with someone who is sitting 20 feet away on another couch. Try gathering furniture around a central point in the room (like a fireplace or television). Doing so makes the room more comfortable, natural, and attractive.

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Whether you’re hoping to stage your home to sell, or simply to update your flat design, these tips will help. The fact remains, if you’re not in the right home, no amount of decorating will revivify your home enough to resolve your discontent. If you find yourself in need of a new place, contact Perry Homes today. We will help you find or build the home of your dreams, so you can get started decorating it just how you imagine.