5 Fantastic Reasons To Live In Washington County

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We all know that moving isn’t just about a new house. It’s also about making your home in a new community. Take a good look at Washington County, and you’ll find yourself feeling at home in no time. With incredible outdoor experiences and vibrant arts, culture, and history, there are incredible things to see, do, and enjoy all year round.

Check out these five reasons to come home to Washington County:

1. The Parks

Southern Utah boasts truly stunning natural wonders, and Washington County is no exception. Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park are the stunning highlights of the county’s own geological wonders.

But you don’t have to venture far to find more of the most breathtaking scenery there is with plenty of national parks, national monuments, state parks, and national forests close enough for day trips, camping, hiking, or an unbelievably scenic Sunday drive.

2. The Weather

If you’re looking for nice weather, you’ve found it. Washington County will keep you warm and give you all the snow-free winters you could wish for.

Of course, the snow isn’t far away when you want it. Take a trip to Zion National Park to see the red cliffs dusted with white in the winter. You’ll have the place nearly to yourselves.

And high quality ski resorts like Brian Head aren’t far away for all your winter snow needs, from skiing and tubing to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

3. The History

Southern Utah has a rich history including Native Americans and early pioneer settlers, ancient peoples, and even dinosaurs.

You can see real dinosaur tracks and a dinosaur museum in St. George. You can explore the site of stunning petroglyphs left by the Anasazi people on Anasazi Ridge above the Santa Clara river. At the Zion National Park’s visitor center, you’ll find a museum with information about the early Mormon settlers in the area.

And all around you you’ll see the rich and beautiful geological history that’s written in the layers and formations of our stunning red rock hills and mountains.

4. The Culture

Our area has no shortage of local artists, art galleries, theatres, and festivals including productions at Tuacahn, Dixie State College, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival in nearby Cedar City.

5. The Shopping

Here you’ll find all the shopping your heart desires. A host of shopping centers including the Red Cliffs Mall and Zion Factory Stores offer everything you could need, and there are plenty of local small businesses with real charm and real quality.

And don’t forget the truly unique shops in Springdale at the mouth of Zion Canyon, where you’ll find beautiful work by local artists and artisans for you and your home.
Come and see for yourself all the things that make Washington County a truly unique and truly beautiful place to live. From outdoor fun to world-class theater, great shopping to ancient history, it has everything that will make you want to call it home, too.

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