5 DIY Home Improvement Projects Using AirStone

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AirStone is an eco-friendly manufactured stone veneer that is much lighter than real stone. It has the appearance of real stone but is much more affordable and the best part is the easy installation. All you need is the AirStone, construction adhesive, and a hacksaw. Once you have your supplies, you just add the adhesive to the back of the stone and stick to the surface of your project, it’s that simple. Here are five home improvement projects you can do yourself.

Kitchen Backsplash


A great project idea is to liven up your kitchen space with a new backsplash. This may be the most popular use of AirStone that many homeowners are taking advantage of by making their own projects into realities. AirStone is available in different shades of grey and tan creating many different possibilities.



This is another very popular use of AirStone and can turn an old fireplace eyesore into a beautiful centerpiece for your living room. You will definitely want to take more time on a project like this since guests are likely to gather in this space more often than other areas of your home. Look online to see different approaches to this great do-it-yourself project.



Although not as commonly seen as the kitchen backsplash or fireplace, using AirStone to renovate bathroom walls and bathtubs is growing in popularity. This is a very affordable project that can take years off the look of your bathroom and bring some needed style.



One of the best ways to add curb appeal to your house is by remodeling your mailbox. With AirStone you’ll be able to spruce up that wooden beam outside your front door holding up your mailbox. Your home will be looking better than ever with the above supplies and some measuring tape.

Exterior Walls


Although this option is the most expensive and time consuming, the results can really pay off, literally. Many home owners have significantly increased the value of their home by investing their time into a project like the one seen in this picture. Before undertaking such a project, you may want to drive around the area and find a house with AirStone on the exterior to be sure you’ll love the result.

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