5 Ideas For Your Indoor Herb Garden

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Having your own little garden is a win-win for your taste buds and a great way to freshen up your backyard…or home. More and more people in Southern Utah opt in for indoor gardening and these cute and crafty ideas will make you want to have your own edible jungle.

Chalk Paint Indoor Herb Pots

chalk paint herbal pots
If you are up for some DIY, this is a fairly easy project: all you need is some pots, chalkboard paint …and some chalk! You can get as creative as you want signing the pots. They will make a great fit for your kitchen, bedroom or outdoor patio. Source: Breakfast with Audrey

One Pot Herb Garden

southern utah gardening
When you don’t have enough space for several herbal pots, this brilliant one pot idea will definitely make you all excited. It’s such a great room saver! Yoi can divide the pot into several rows or sections or just add mini signs. Source: Black Eiffel

Upside Down Garden

uside down gardening
Another great idea for a limited space is upside down gardening. Trust us, it’s easier than it sounds! You can make the hanging pots yourself (Instructions for a DIY Hanging Planter) or go the easy way and buy something like that here.

Coffee Mug Herb Garden

indoor herb planters out of mugs
Have too many coffee mugs? Use them as mini herb planters. You can either hang them on a piece of peg board or place creatively on the windowsill.

Self-Watering Bottle Garden

transparent home
This is a great way to recycle bottles, plant your herbs at the same time and reduce watering time. These self-watering planters are worth a try. See instructions here.

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