Moving to Utah? Try These 5 Intro Hikes To Explore The Area

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Moving to Utah and looking for ways to get familiar with the area? With mountains dotting the landscape of Utah, it is hard not to get into hiking and other outdoors adventures. There are hikes for the casual hiker and for the adventurous backpacker. Amazing mountains vistas with astonishing sunsets and natural landscapes that take your breath away. Utah offers some of the best hikes just minutes from home. 

Here are five quick hikes to ease your way into hiking in Utah.

Ensign Peak

Ensign Peak Hike in Salt Lake Utah

Enjoy a view of the Salt Lake Valley at Ensign Peak.

Photo Credit: Zullwick/reddit

One of best hikes because it gets you to your destination rather quick is Ensign Peak. Famous for the role it played in the establishment of Utah, this single track hike leads to a great view of the Salt Lake Valley.

Rocky and steep, the hike is about 1 mile round trip and a great introduction to the altitude change Utah is known for to outsiders. Work is reportedly underway to revegetate the area but there is still plenty of shade to catch your breath as you adjust to the altitude, Utah transplant.

Donut Falls

Salt Lake Hikes Donut Falls

The aptly named Donut Falls at Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Photo Credit:

Named after the donut-shaped hole where Big Cottonwood Creek makes its way, Donut Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the area. You start at a picnic area and get some grub to power up. The hike up and leads to the awesome waterfall, and many take their selfie sticks for some pretty cool Instagram pics to post.

In the winter, Donut Falls becomes the spot for snowshoeing. For and easy 3 and a half mile journey, this place offers a lot.

City Creek

Have a pet that enjoy a good stroll? City Creek brings together the city and nature in a 6-mile spot. The paved trail is a favorite to mountain bikers, trail runners, and offers great stops for picnics and good old nature communing.

City Creek Trail Salt Lake Hikes

Let your pets tag along for the hike.

Photo Credit:

It’s a great intro and a good quick escape from the craziness of the city.

Bonneville Shoreline

Way back when, Utah was covered by a prehistoric pluvial lake called Bonneville. When a flood caused the water to recede, it left a visible shoreline about Salt Lake City. Today, we have the remnants of lake as the Bonneville Shoreline.

Bonnevile Shoreline Trail HIke

Connecting the shoreline

Photo Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Spanning over 10 miles near Downtown Salt Lake, the shoreline actually continues all the way up to Ogden giving you the idea of how massive the old lake must have been. They recently opened a bridge that connects the Salt Lake stretch with Draper.

Jordan River

Jordan River Trail Hike

Hiking. Biking. Rollerblading. Jordan River has it all.

Photo Credit: Jordan River Commission

Stretching from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake along the Jordan River, the trail was designed to allow hiking/walking, jogging, biking, rolling blading, and other activities. The trail is incorporated in the city and is the most accessible of any on the list. You can use it for practically whatever outdoor activity you desire.

These are just a few of the hundreds of trails in the Salt Lake Valley for you to try. Go out and explore the rest of Utah and add your favorites on this list!

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