5 Quick Steps to Beautifying Your New Home

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Getting yourself settled in a new home can feel a little bit stressful. Whether you were eagerly anticipating your big move or it was an unexpected turn of events in your life that prompted the change, making your new house feel like a home should be a top priority. Once you’ve unpacked all the basic necessities, getting yourself acclimated to your new space will be easier if you add a touch of personal style. Follow a few of these steps to get your new home looking beautiful quickly and easily.

Make a statement with wallpaper.
In recent years the trend has leaned toward painting when it comes to home decoration. Paint, of course, is often easier to change and works well on a larger scale, but more designers are using wallpaper to create a distinctive look. This is perfect to use on a statement wall in the living room or bedroom, or within a nook that might be used for office space or reading. The key is to use something with a bold pattern or color that will contrast with wall colors that may be more neutral. And, if you choose a smaller area, you haven’t committed to a major overhaul should you decide to make a change to the space in the future.

Let your storage do double duty as a design piece or accessory.
It seems that no matter what size home or apartment you move into, extra storage space is always a necessity. Use this opportunity to allow your design style show through in functional pieces. There are many options available now in attractive storage solutions that can help beautify your space and create a practical environment. Whether it’s printed boxes that serve as a pop of color on your shelves or entire wall units that show off your contemporary style, storage can enhance your home’s appearance.

Use some of your old favorites for a new purpose.

Sometimes bringing in a familiar item from your old space can help make a new place feel more like home. With the convenience of home improvement stores, DIY projects have never been easier and more accessible. Old doors and windows can be transformed into side tables or wall hangings. Even old shutters can be repurposed for use as headboards or an area to hang small art pieces.

Don’t overlook lighting.
Once you’ve gotten settled into your new home, you may want to find some ways to add a little charm to your space. Creative lighting can be a simple, relatively inexpensive way to achieve desired results. Don’t just think lamps when you’re adding new lighting. Try incorporating interesting fixtures into your ceiling lights. For example, if you have a rustic, open-planned living room, the juxtaposition of a more elegant chandelier can add an appealing element of surprise to the room.

Stage your home to create a good flow.
Home staging isn’t just for showing your home to potential buyers. Use the tips and tricks of proper staging to create a desirable flow to your space. Sometimes it’s as simple as the way you arrange your furniture. But, you may want to add plants, room dividers or throw rugs to create the illusion of different spaces in one, large room. This is particularly helpful if you’re dealing with small spaces or trying to establish personal space in an open-plan home.

Enhancing the look of your home doesn’t have to involve major home improvement projects or large-scale design work. In fact, some of these tips cost very little and just require some imagination and a little effort. The result is a more beautiful space and a happier place for you to call home.

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