5 Easy To Neglect Details When Building A House

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You are about to build a home of your dreams. You’ve got all big stuff figured out, from the number of bedrooms to the size of the patio, and are ready to rock’n’roll. Time to take a step back and think more. Otherwise, you’re going to have some “why didn’t I think of that” moments after it’s too late. Here is a list of little yet very important things that are often neglected when building a house.

Door Swing Direction

mistakes installing doors
The direction each door opens, including the shower door, is a big deal. And nothing is more annoying than two doors interfering with each other if opened at the same time. The shower door direction relates to opening the door and being able to grab a towel or a robe on a hook without breaking your neck.

Shelf Depth

little things missed when building a home
Consider adding a few inches to a default shelf depth. Talk to your builder about making some or all of the shelves in your pantry and linen closet 14-15″ deep. You don’t want to regret about wasted space later on.

A/C Intake Vents Size

common mistakes of home building
Ideally, you should have all your A/C vents be the same size. That way you’ll be able to stock a single size of air filters. If it’s not possible, at least try to get commonly sold sizes.

Dimmer Switches

easy to make mistakes when building a home
Decide which lights should be on dimmer switches. Plan it out and help your builder install the proper type, especially where 3-way switches are involved.

Shower Head Height

avoid these mistakes when building a dream home
If anyone living in the house or any of your frequent visitors are 6 feet tall or taller, consider putting the shower head fitting at 6’8”. Once the shower head is added, it will be at about 6’5″ which makes it a pretty comfortable height.
These are just some of the little yet somewhat details that a lot of people regret of not thinking through. For more ideas and home building inspiration check out our Home Designs and Floor Plans.

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