5 Most Breathtaking Views Of Utah

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Utah is one amazing place where nature takes your breath away. No matter how many times you’ve seen some of the views, it seems like it’s never going to be enough. These amazing views are definitely our favorites!

Delicate Arch Night View

awesome utah views
Delicate Arch is one of the most iconic sandstone arches in Utah. Although the way to the view might not be the easiest, it’s totally worth the 50-minute hike out to the plateau. The view is amazing around the sunset time but our favorite is star-gazing time. As stars appear one by one, you are totally mesmerized by the view.

Mirror Lake Byway

mirror lake view
This picture perfect lake is a popular fishing and recreational location. The drive along the lake, the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, is what makes it special. The route with some spectacular views is worth a 4-hour drive from start to finish.

Glen Canyon

glen canyon
Glen Canyon is a place not to just visit but truly explore. Together with Lake Powell, this area will inspire even the most experienced traveler.

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

great salt lake sunset
It’s definitely our favorite sunset spot in Utah. Antelope Island is an amazing place to catch a sunset, see the herds of Buffalo grazing and the surrounding mountains.

Blooming Desert Lands

desert flowers
Most people associate deserts with sands where bright colors are barely spotted. Desert blooming is a rare occasion, however, it is an incredible view. When the conditions are in favor, some Utah desert lands explode with color. And that sight is highly recommended to visit.

Utah will never cease to inspire it’s visitors and locals with views worth seeing in person. Check out our Pinterest boards and follow us on Facebook to get more fresh and inspiring home ideas and find more information about Perry Homes Southern Utah.

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