7 Home DIY Projects to Keep You Busy This Spring

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Are you looking to take on a new home project this spring? It’s the perfect season to start home DIY projects, its not too hot and not too cold. Also, if you find that the project does take longer than anticipated you don’t have to worry about finishing before winter arrives. Here are seven awesome projects that will help add value to your home and keep you busy.

Add New Tile

Whether you are updating the tile in your shower or adding tile backsplash to your kitchen, tile can significantly improve the look and feel of any room. Be sure to find a style and color of tile that coordinates with your existing cabinets and countertops unless you are planning on redoing the entire room. There are many step by step tutorial guides that you’ll be able to find online that can help you get started if it’s your first time tiling.

Update Kitchen Cabinets

You can take two approaches when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. First, you could update your existing cabinets. Or, second, if you find doors and handles with the same holes as your old hardware you could make your cabinets look brand new with only a few hundred dollars and a screwdriver. If you’re thinking of updating rather than installing you can either paint or stain. You can’t go wrong with either option; both are great, it’ll just depend on your future plans and design you are going for.

Plant Trees

If you are dying to find a reason to get outdoors here it is. Not only will well planted trees increase the value of your home, they can also reduce the cost of air conditioning in the hot summer months. Trees will also give diversity to your landscape and add curb appeal to your house.

New Bathroom Fixtures

This project may be the biggest bang for your buck. Your new fixtures will get rid of those old eye sores and possibly remove any leaks. It requires low time commitment and a new shower head or sink faucet is relatively inexpensive. This can easily be done in one afternoon. You may also want to consider buying new fixtures for your kitchen too.

Painting Projects

There are endless possibilities when it comes to painting. You can paint a desk, a dresser, a table, a chair, a door, etc. Now, on the other hand, painting an entire room will definitely take a bit longer than the items and object just mentioned. But, once you have the right equipment and tools, the battle is half over. New paint will take years off any room.

Garage Door Makeover

Taking up nearly 400 square feet on average, your garage door can make a big difference on the curb appeal of your home. This is real estate that with a little extra effort can go a long way. You can make your garage into a classic carriage house style garage with two new handles and a few painted windows. Or, if you want a new wood finish to your door look no further than simple to apply gel stain. These are just two of the many possibilities that can add value to your house by updating that garage door.

Install Moldings & Baseboards

Lastly, installing baseboards and moldings is another project that can be done without professional assistance and everything can be found at your neighborhood big box store. With baseboards you’ll want to look at different sizes and styles and find the one that fits your plans best. Moldings are a little tougher seeing that they are up off the ground but are well worth the time to install.

Enjoy your time in the sun as you get started on your home DIY project this spring. You can check out our Pinterest boards and follow us on Facebook to find more information about Perry Homes Southern Utah.

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