A Pest Free Home

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Household pests are not only a nuisance, but they can cause problems around your house as well.  They do not come to bring mayhem, they simply come seeking water, shelter, and food.  And, just like us, they will take any means necessary to fulfill these needs.  You can’t keep all these pests away, but avoiding a full out attack is something you can do.

If an infestation occurs, you will most likely need to seek professional help for your problem.  This will resolve the issue; however, it comes at a cost.  Because of this, it is usually smart to begin with prevention.  Here are a few tips to help keep the bugs at bay.

Watch Your Wood

Wood is one of the most targeted substances by insects that can damage your home.  Termites eat wood and carpenter ants bury into wood, both can damage the structural integrity of your house.  To prevent this, remove piles of wood from your house, take out any rotted stumps or logs, and keep firewood at least 20 feet away from your house.  Finally, never bury wood scraps, and maintain clearance between soil and structural wood to prevent decay, and the attraction of ants.

Dry it Out

Nothing attracts ants, carpenters, and beetles more than a moist environment.  They thrive in these areas.  So, attempt to maintain a dry zone around the perimeter of your house.  A good way to do this is by not allowing any plants or shrubs to touch your house.  This foliage can trap moisture, causing rot and attracting pests.

Always make sure to drain water away from your house.  Even the smallest puddle after a rainstorm can act as a feeding ground and home for hungry pests.  Make sure to not overwater plants, angle the ground away from the foundation, and keep sprinklers away from the house.  Keeping your structure dry allows for a pest free house.

Make sure to keep all vents in any attics or crawl space free of debris and clean.  Preventing proper airflow to these small spaces allows moisture to build up, attracting insects.

Lock it Up

Any opening, even a tiny crack, can become a front door for bugs to enter your house.  You need to inspect your home.  Make sure that all gaps by windows, doors, and walls are sealed up.  If not be sure to caulk or epoxy any crack or gap you might find in the foundation in an effort to keep the insects out.

Use a double door system (a screen door as well as your normal door) and never have both open at the same time.  This will prevent bugs from flying in when you enter or exit your home.  Additionally, applying weather-stripping around your doors and windows adds another defense to these unwanted intruders.

Be a Bad Host

When bugs are your guest, being a good host is not the goal.  Do not put food out for them.  Clean up crumbs, throw away trash properly, and never leave food out.  Don’t tell them where the bathroom is.  Turn off faucets, close the lid to the toilet seat, and fix clogged drains.  Hiding the water will help keep the pests away.

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