Best Fall Decorating Trends To Try This Season

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If you’re looking for some decorating inspiration this fall, look no further. From beautiful tile to saturated colors to Victorian lace and ‘70s fringe, this fall is a mix of old and new, beautiful and bold.

Check out what’s new and trending this season, and get some ideas to update, freshen, and cozy up your own space for fall.

Styles and Themes

Globally-inspired décor is in, especially with pieces inspired by Mediterranean, Indian, and East Asian styles. You can also take global style literally using globes as accents or even centerpieces.

Alongside the global theme, add a handmade and artisan feel to your room with one-of-a-kind pieces like pottery, textiles, or accent furniture.

Go eclectic, mix and match, layer old and new. Especially popular right now are

60’s and 70’s elements mixed with more contemporary furniture


Encaustic tile or so-called cement tile is a type of multi-colored tile. Often the tiles are arranged together in groups to create a unique pattern. And you can use it anywhere: outdoors or indoors, as flooring, backsplash, accent, you name it.

Lighting is at the ends of the spectrum right now, from exposed Edison bulbs to copper and brass fixtures to big statement lighting.

Fringe is one of this seasons runway-inspired trends, showing up as a fun, retro ‘70s throwback with real texture. Throws, pillows, even a lampshade can easily incorporate fringe into your space.

Suede is another material moving from fashion to home décor. It makes a statement in fall colors like orange and purple, appearing anywhere from furniture and accents like chests or ottomans to wall frames.

Velvet, too, is here in all its luxury, a warm, cozy, rich fabric perfect for fall design. Decorative pillows, accent chairs, even frames for art or mirrors can bring this beauty into your room.

Victorian lace, especially black lace, are a fall fashion trend harking back to a very different time with a very distinct style. Look for lacy patterns on anything from textiles to glass pieces to wallpaper. And don’t be afraid of ruffled edges.

Patterns and Palettes

Bold patterns are (still) in style. Transform a room with graphically printed wallpaper, or add just the right touch with strong geometric shapes in your decorative pillows.

Oranges and blues are big, especially burnt orange, cobalt, and teal. They give perfect pops of color against neutral backgrounds like gray and bright white.

Brocade is another fall runway find, appearing in rich, saturated colors like reds, oranges, and mauve. Besides textiles, you can also incorporate classic brocade designs like damask print and old-world florals in your wallpaper, pillow accents, and another wall décor.

Plaids are making a comeback in dark colors, especially red and black. Keep things cozy and classy with pillows and throws.

All of these ideas can be as bold or as subtle as you like, but whether you go big or you’re looking to add just the right touch, there’s no shortage of great ideas to choose from this season.

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