The Best Location for Your New Home is Here with Perry Homes

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First time homeowner and buyers are always scouting for the best location. It has to be close to school. Near grocery stores, entertainment and shopping. The communities of Perry Homes Southern Utah is able to accommodate these needs. That is why for the past 40 years, families choose us to help them achieve their dreams.

You Can’t Beat Experience

We have been consistent in providing affordable and quality homes for all of our customers. In the near 40 years we have spent serving the community, we have never compromised excellence. This has given us many opportunities to to build custom homes that they have thoroughly enjoyed.

Their experience with us become words that other customers have come to trust.

Savings Passed Onto You

We pride ourselves in how we manage our business. From clients to contractors and banks, Perry Homes is trusted. We operate a debt and leverage free enterprise. By doing so, we are able to pass on the savings to you. How? We give you quality construction at a price generally lower when compared to our bank-reliant competitors.

Quality is always a must.

Our Communities are in the Best Location

best location utah

Burgeoning neighborhoods in St. George, Washington, and Hurricane offer the best deals for growing families and first time home owners.

It checks off a lot of must-haves: variety of shopping stores, quality schools, recreation, and cultural venues, Surrounded by many parks, southern Utah affords families cheap, but quality entertainment. We know that these are important to you, that is why we consider many different locations before starting a Perry Homes neighborhood. We can be found at:

  • Burke Springs and Coral canyon, Perry Landing, and The Reserve at Green Spring in Washington, UT
  • Peregrine Pointe and Dixie Spring in Hurricane, UT

What are you waiting for? Check out our Community Page and join us at Perry Homes Southern Utah.

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