Why You Should Call Before Digging Around Your Property

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For new homeowners, summer is the best time to get the garden up. It is also this time of the year that you may want to make additions before winter comes creeping in. Before you do that though, the people from the Common Ground Alliance wants you to call before digging anywhere in your property.

The Call 811 program was set up to prevent anyone unintentionally hitting and damaging utility lines. Their tagline “Know What’s Below. Call Before You Dig,” is used all over the country to bring attention to potential harm that can be caused when you dig.


Dig, dig, dig. Call before digging, my friend.

The Digging Steps to Safety

Here’s the five steps to have a good and safe digging session. Understanding and following the reason to call before digging will help you in making that decision.

Remember 811: Call Before Digging

About 2-3 days before you dig, notify your local one-call center by calling 811. You can also go online and file and Online Locate Request. If you are building a home and are having the contractors do the digging, have them send a request here.

Your information will be transmitted to affected utility operators.

The Waiting Game

Whether you called 811 or filled out an online form, affected utility operators are notified of your request. Depending by state, you will need to wait between 2-3 days and get clearance from the agency.


You will receive a confirmation from the agency. Confirm the marks that you have been given by the agency.

The workers will mark the safe areas for you to dig.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Neighbors

The marks provided by the affected utility operators are your guide for the duration of your project. Also pay attention to dates that you can dig. In Utah, you have about 2 weeks from when you are approved to keep digging.

Be Careful

Once you start digging, please be careful. You are allowed to dig 18-24 inches from the markings.

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