Choosing a Real Estate Agent is More Than Just Word of Mouth

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Having a real estate agent can make the home buying process easier. They know the ins and outs of the market. That in turn can be very helpful when you are researching your perfect home. But not all agents are the same. They are not a one size fits all kinda deal. While you may start looking for an agent using your friends and family, you should also consider these questions to find the perfect agent for you.

Know These Things About Your Real Estate Agent

You should work with an agent that has experience in real estate. Ask questions like:

“How long have you been an agent?”

“How many clients do you have?”

“Do you work more with buyers than sellers?”

These questions may sound personal, or intrusive, but in order to trust your real estate agent, a relationship must be built. In addition, questions like these reveal the type of service they provide, and time they are able to spend with you. If they have a lot of clients, they might not be able to really give you the attention you need.

Choose Real Estate Agent


It is also important to know if your agent works alone or part of a team. This opens to many benefits as teams can provide more resources that if the agent is an independent contractor. Is it important to you that they know what they are doing? Of course! Set it straight how you will be communicating with one another. Phone, text, email? This way you can expect a lot of interaction or little from the again from the get-go.

Be wary of phrases like, :I’ve dealt with this before.” Ask how they have handled hard situations like permit delays and such.

Investment in You

In real estate, you build relationships. It is more than just a one time deal. As you have seen, you will talk about your experience with family and friends, so it is vital that your realtor is just as into you and they are into your money.

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