A Comprehensive Guide To Home Buying

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There are many things that should be considered in regards to home buying. Seeking a new home has a lot of factors that go into it, so we have created a list of just a few tips to consider when looking for the place of your dreams. Follow these steps and you’ll be relocating in no time.

3 tips for home buying


Good Credit and Home Buying

One main factor that may speed up or hinder the process in purchasing the home of your dreams is your credit score. The better the credit score you have, the larger the loan you will get approved for. There are many credit score sites that you can utilize to check your credit before you start looking for a new home so that you can get a better idea of what you can afford.


Track your spending in the months leading up to the big purchase to ensure you are able to afford your payments and still have money left over for cost of living. If you are self employed or an independent contractor, you need to be even more careful with your spending as the banks will look at giving you a loan as a bigger liability than someone working a stable corporate position. Self employed individuals will be required to show at least 2 years of their earning history in order to receive a substantial loan for home buying. Track your debt to income ratio and factor in your monthly payment to make sure you are financially ready for the big move.


Organizing and gathering the proper documents before applying for a home loan will only speed up the home buying process. Having recent pay stubs, your previous two year’s W2s, tax returns and bank statements will have you prepared to sit down and face the mortgage lenders. Having the proper documentation will save you time, as it will mean less back and forth and visits to the lender’s office. If you want to get into your new home quickly, be prepared for the initial process as it can be a lengthy one.

a comprehensive guide to home buying

Home buying has a lot of consideration that goes into it. For more guidance and information on the process, click hereClick here to read about why you should consider purchasing a vacation home in Southern Utah in one of our master planned communities.

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