Creating A Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

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What can be more exciting for expectant parents than decorating the nursery. Picking out the perfect color to splash on the walls and a designer crib with all the bells and whistles. Eight years later that child now wants something a little more grown up. Time to stow away the crib that will only take up space waiting for the next child to come along. The changing table isn’t good for much else and the pink walls will be embarrassing for the tween-age tomboy that comes along five years later. Making a room that will grow with your child is fairly simple.

  1. Pick a neutral color and a theme.

If you’re planning a bedroom for a new baby you may be tempted to go with a gender specific color. Be prepared to paint just a few years down the road. Look for neutral colors such as grays, taupes or creams or soft colors that can be used for either gender.

A light blue can be jazzed up with purple accents for your tween and classed up with black and white brocade for your teen. Boys might enjoy a red and navy plaid comforter when they are young, upgraded to a black comforter in his teen years.

Then you can go crazy with with accessories, fuzzy,pink chairs and bedding for girls or sports and Legos for little boys.Let your child help. Ask them what they would like in their room. If they pick something crazy like “atomic vomit” green, you can paint something a little more tame then  add crazy accent pieces to match their personality.

  1. Upgrade bedding

A simple fix to update a child’s room is to change the bedding. Just slip the rocket ship sheets off the bed and slip on a new more sophisticated set. Bold stripes or a favorite sport’s team’s colors will give a more grown up look.

  1. Converting Furniture

The new trend is converting furniture. There are some cribs that go from a bassinet, to a full size bed, to a set of chairs. But converting furniture from baby to young child can be as easy as putting a changing pad on a dresser for the baby and removing it for the toddler. Plump, overstuffed chairs can make the switch by changing out the throw pillows. A day bed with a pop up trundle can be a fun platform for slumber parties but also provide a nice place for a young couple to sleep later on.

  1. Quality pieces that last.

Purchase the highest quality you can afford so your furniture will stand up the abuse that children will inflict on them; slamming drawers, crayon works of art and so on. A solid dresser can be updated with new drawer pulls or a chair with a slipcover is an easy way to change the furniture as your child’s style tastes change is a fantastic way to keep a space updated.

  1. Future study spaces

Small children love to draw and read books.When they start going to school they will need a quiet space to do their homework. This, of course,  becomes more important as they get older. Creative space for activities, with plenty of drawers and space encourages creativity.
Whether you are looking to create a space for a new baby or update a space that no longer works for your older child, considering these things before making any major changes will help when their new tastes evolve.

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