Decorating A Room For Kids? 6 Fun Ways They Can Help

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One of the key ideas in interior design that a space should reflect the tastes, interests, and loves of the person it belongs to. With kids, you may not want to give them free reign to design their rooms, especially if you want to maintain a fairly cohesive style throughout your home. Here are a handful of ideas you and your kids can work together to create a space you both can love.

Favorite Characters Become Favorite Colors

If you don’t necessarily want cartoon characters covering your kids’ bedroom walls, you can use the signature colors of their favorites (like white, silver, and turquoise if they can’t get enough of Frozen) to create a theme without having to go all-out on expensive licensed merchandise. Wall paint, bedding, curtains, and picture frames in their favorite character’s colors will keep kids happy—while keeping the space from feeling overdone.

Have Them Pick a Quote from Their Favorite Book or Movie

A text-rich environment is important for early literacy, and including words in décor is an easy way to add interest. Framed typography (computer-generated word art), vinyl directly on the wall, or a quote on colored canvas add literary flair to their space. An alphabet made from found objects and different 3D fonts can really get things going.

Let Them Paint

Young kids are rarely happier than with paint at their fingertips (paintbrush optional). They can help with DIY projects (like covering thrift-store picture frames in their favorite color) and even create their own masterpieces to hang in their personal gallery. Whether you want to use paintbrushes, finger paint, or even use sponges, the options are endless.

Have Them Choose Items for a Gallery Wall

Fill those painted picture frames with favorite photos, art projects, book covers (from the ones they’ve read so many times they’re nearly destroyed). Kids can also help pick out items like wood-block letters in their initials to add interest and personality.

Connect Décor and Chores

If your child is old enough, talk to them about what might make it easier for them to keep their room clean and organized. Would they be more likely to pick up their stuffed animals if they had a toy hammock to toss them in? Do they need more drawer or shelf space? (Is it time to purge—donate or rotate—some of the toys?)

Add Space for Continued Creativity

A chalkboard or bulletin board on the wall gives children a place to express themselves and their changing interests and moods (without you having to redecorate…again). Kids can draw colorful pictures with chalk, or create artwork to put on their bulletin board.

The key is to find a variety of ideas and inspirations that speak to you and remind you of your child, and then let them choose and help with the projects they’re excited about. Balancing your style with your kids’ loves can be a challenge, but it can be done. You can create a personalized, comfortable space you both can love.

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