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Energy Efficiency and Home Building

By April 13, 2018 April 17th, 2018 No Comments

Energy efficiency is a main priority for many when embarking on the home building journey as it not only alleviates monthly costs, but it also helps maintain the planet in which we live on. There are many ways to build your home when it comes to energy efficiency, and below are just a few tips that will help save you money and save the planet in the long run.

home building and energy

Chasing The Sun

If you live in a region that is chilly during the fall and winter months, consider where the sun rises and sets and execute your home building plans accordingly. By facing your large windows towards where the sun rises in the sky each day, you’ll be able to bring in natural heat and not have to waste as much on power bills. Not only that, but you’ll bring in natural light making your space feel bright and cheery.

Air Tightness

Ensuring that your home is airtight and properly insulated will drastically reduce energy costs. In fact, good insulation and an airtight foundation can decrease your energy bill by up to 50%. Make sure that you are choosing high-quality windows and doors when undergoing the home building process so that you don’t catch a draft during the colder months.

Home Building and Appliances

Consider purchasing Energy Star appliances in order to save costs on your monthly bill when building your home. Choosing eco-friendly washers, dryers, refrigerators and even dishwashers will save you tons of money in the long run. These are usually the finishing touches put on a house, but are some of the most important things to consider when trying to cut energy costs.

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Energy efficiency starts at the home building process, and it is always a good thing to consider in efforts to save yourself money in the long run. Follow the above tips, and click here to read more and you will be on the road to an energy efficient home in no time. Want to learn more about our energy efficient, master planned homes in Southern Utah? Click here.