Why Your Family Should Build a New Home In Southern Utah

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Build a new home instead. Fixer uppers are a nightmare.

As much as we all love DIY projects and watching two brother turn a dump into a paradise, the option to build a new home should always be there. Not only will you get to decide what goes in and what doesn’t go into your home, you can cancel out pre-existing problems that older homes provide. Not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons:

You Deserve It

Now is the time to have the party’s at your house. To be the place where your children will hang out with their friends. To have what you want in your kitchen, in your yard, in your bedroom! 😉

Quite frankly, when you build a new home, you are investing in your family’s happiness. Having a fixer upper can put a strain on your marriage. When you settle for a home that someone else has built, you may be giving up your family’s safety as you never know what you will find.

Build a new home to your liking that suits your families needs.

celebrate and build a new home

Invest in the Future

When you build a new home, you are investing in your family’s future. It helps that new homes have a higher resale value. This means you can roll updates to your home as part of the mortgage. You have the piece of mind that no problems you didn’t know about will bring you unexpected cost.

You can put into your new home items that buyer’s would like to have- stainless kitchen appliances, walk-in closets, storage areas- and ensure that when you have outgrown your home, you will have enough to get you to your next destination.

Family Time and build a new home

For Your Family

This is the biggest reason of all. You want a home that you can grow into and have lasting memories with your family. A yard. Nice neighbors. A place you can call your own. But when you build a new home, you are also investing in your family’s well-being. In your new home, you have better control of the air quality in your home. Energy efficient technologies can ensure that you and your family are safe and helping the environment.

design and build a new home

Perry Homes Southern Utah has some of the best neighborhood to build your dream home. Be surrounded by mountains and many family activities that will help create special memories for years to come. Check out our Community page on Facebook and see what others have to say.

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