The First Steps in Home Building

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You’ve secured a lot, you’ve finalized your plans with your builder and you’re ready to begin your dream project. Home building can be a foreign subject for many, but with the right builder, the process will feel seamless. Below are the first few steps in the process when it comes to starting the big project.

first steps to building your own home

Preparing The Foundation

The foundation is the area of land in which your home will sit upon, and this is the first thing that is considered in home building. Once you’ve selected a lot, the builders will clear the site of rocks, trees and other debris to begin preparing. If the home has a full basement, the builders will dig a hole to account for the space. A temporary wooden frame is placed around the outline of the home to mark where the walls will then be erected.

The Skeleton Of The House

Flooring, walls and roofing are the second things that are considered during the home building process. Plywood is applied to the initial structure of the home and is then covered by a house wrap that helps keep out any liquid to prevent mold. Once the initial structure is in place, you’ll get a good idea of what your new home is going to look like.

Home Building Installations

After the structure is up, roofing is installed, allowing for other work to be done such as plumbing and electrical installations. Once plumbing is installed, the exciting part begins such as having bathtubs and showers installed. Once the bathroom fixtures are placed, you’ll be able to see your dream bathroom come to life!

steps to building your own new home

There is a lot that goes into the home building process, especially when starting from scratch. Although a lot of work, it is a fun journey to be able to watch your dream home come to life. If you’d like to read more about the building process, click here.  To learn more about our quality, affordable homes built in beautiful Southern Utah, click here.