Here’s Five Treats for Your Super Bowl House Party

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You plan on throwing a super bowl house party in your new home. It is a great way to get to know the neighbors and spent quality time with the rest of the family. While your guests might bring the essentials, wings, dips, and an assortment of platters, you can also show your appetizer prowess with these five amazing treats!

Super Bowl House Party Must Haves

Super Bowl House Party Hot Wings


– These are expected. I mean, there’s a reason why 1.33 billion chicken wings are going to be eaten this weekend. If the party is at your house and you’ve asked people to contribute, more than likely they will bring wings. From Buffalo to Honey BBQ and that yummy Teriyaki, you’ll see it at the table.

Why don’t you offer another flavor, maybe a dipping sauce that will throw bleu cheese out of the water. Ideas are here.

Nachos and Cheese

– Sure, anyone can dump a vat of cheese in a crockpot and serve it up. It’s a classic. But what if in that cheese, you add some sun-dried tomatoes and jalapenos? Maybe some meat? Here’s a mouth-watering beefy nacho cheese recipe. Pair it up with chips that have a hint of lime, and you’ve got a winner!


– 12.5 million pizzas will be bought on Super Bowl Sunday. Pepperoni, sausage, more cheese. It’s heaven in a pie. Now, sometimes, you gotta add a little salad, something that a national pizza chain recognized and started advertising they now have. But if pizza is still a must, here is a guide on how to order vegetarian or vegan substitutes.

Don’t Forget Drinks and Dessert!

Super Bowl House Party Featured

Beers and Sodas

– Well, no party is a party without some carbonation, right? They are easy to distribute and cleaning up the bottles can get you some money (thank goodness for recycling), but it doesn’t bode well that the day after the big game is work day. Some lemonade is good and even tea. Check out these recipes on how to get a little buzz without the hangover.


– Let’s be honest, theming the party is fun, but it is much work. Pick up some pre-made assorted cookies from your local grocery store. Grab a sheet cake for the kiddies. If there are leftovers, send them home to your guests! That’s how you clean up.

Get to know your neighbors. There are five Perry Homes Southern Utah communities that you can get to know. Hit us up with pictures by posting them on the community Facebook page and have an awesome party in your new home!


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