Explore Utah: Four Great Spring Break Destinations

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While the rest of the world think of the beach as the best of many spring break destinations, Utah begs to differ. As the home of five national parks, it has a great many day and week trips that families can enjoy this spring break.

These not-so-typical destinations show off some of the best that the Deseret State has to offer. From gorgeous rock formations to underwater rivers, Utah will give your kid (and yourself) a great report to take back to school.

Spring Break Destinations in Utah

Escalante Petrified Forest

WHY: Trees that are thousands of years old are some of the best things you will find here. The park is know for riding ATVs, hiking, fishing, camping and horseback riding.

Check out: The forest is said to be haunted.

Heber Valley

spring break destinations utah homestead crater

Families can visit the Homestead Crater and participate in activities there, like paddle yoga. PC: Monique Beeley

WHY: Heber is the place for outdoor recreation such as golfing, fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking and water sports in the spring and summer. It is also just a short drive from the big city, Salt Lake, if you need some civilization in between.

Check out: Popular attractions include the Heber Valley Railroad, Heber Valley Zipline and The Homestead Crater.

Zion’s National Park

WHY: According to their website: A bajillion years ago, ancient iterations of the Virgin River started wreaking havoc on the sandstone in southwestern Utah. Now there’s a faint “You’re welcome” echoing through the canyons of Zion National Park.

Catchy, eh?

spring break destinations utah angels landing

Is the view worth it? You decide. PC: Joe Braun

Check out: Angel’s Landing. It is not for the faint of heart, but the breathtaking views might be worth the super steep climb.

Salt Lake City

WHY: It would not be Utah, if you don’t explore the state’s capital. With a beautiful and rich history, Salt Lake City is a good central place for a lot of Spring Break worthy things to do.

Check out: Tour Temple Square and learn about the rich history of the State of Deseret and the religious pioneers that found it. You are minutes away from great hikes and other outdoor activities!

Ready to take on Utah? has prepared a comprehensive list of perfect destinations for you and your family. Just minutes from your Perry Homes Southern Utah community, there are many wonderful places to go with your family. Let us know how you spent your spring break!


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