Home Automation is Perfect for Your New Home in 2017

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Home automation is getting a lot of buzz. With the introduction of early products in 2011, each year seems to bring more and more innovation in the arena. Now that all the Holiday shopping is done, great 2017 with some much needed tech to make your home smart.

CNET does a pretty comprehensive review of most devices on this list. Some of the devices may not be right for you, but it’ll get you thinking of ideas to ensure your home is up to date and most importantly, safe.

Home Automation Tower to Rule Them All

Probably the best product of 2016 is the Amazon Echo. This central control hub has spawned 2 smaller modules, the Tap and Echo Dot, to give you even more coverage in your home. With the Alexa virtual assistant, the echo is able to control almost everything in your home connected to the wifi. Command Alexa to control the temperature, play music, and give you random facts. It’s perfect for the busy household where an extra hand is very much needed.

Home Automation Featured

Never Guess If You Locked the Door

The August lock has been around for a while, but the new integration with Apple’s HomeKit makes it even better. It’s pretty much a “your wish, my command” kind of situation going on here. If you have an Apple device, Siri will lock and unlock your doors for you. Feel that safety coming in knowing that your valuables are safe. Plus, it comes with other accessories such as an outdoor camera, which allows you to connect with people looking to gain access into your home.

Set The Mood Right

Well, the kids are out and its just you and the hubby. Get the right lighting that goes with that newly opened bottle of wine with the Phillips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit. Wirelessly control the lights in your home with the touch of a button. This app-less product allows for you to control the bulb without any fancy gadgets. No fancy colors. No scheduling. Just some nice mood lighting for the perfect night in.

These are just a couple of smart devices that you can start with. Let us know at Perry Homes Southern Utah what kind of smart devices you own and why you love them! Happy New New Year!


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