Home Decor Tips for Fall

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We know what you’re thinking… Fall already? With Summer coming to a close and everyone getting back to their regular routines, it’s time to start thinking Fall. Who doesn’t love the scents and colors that come with holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving? Below are a few Fall home decor tips to consider during the changing of the seasons.

fall season home decorating tips

Fall Centerpieces

It’s time to do out with those Summer lilies and bright vases and replace them with rustic home decor. For fairly cheap, you can transform your dining room table into a rustic fall haven by simply adding an arrangement of seasonal plants and vegetables to set the mood. Think mini pumpkins, succulents, eggplants, radishes, and kale. If you want to bring in the scents of fall indoors, consider accenting with rosemary or sage.


The easiest way to embrace fall is through the burning of seasonal candles that can be found for fairly inexpensively at your local grocer. Decorate end tables and nightstands with fall scented candles such as cinnamon apple pie or pumpkin. Every time you burn the candles, you will be warmed with the cozy flicker of the flame, as well as the aromas of Thanksgiving where fresh pies are being baked in the kitchen.

Wreaths and Home Decor

Seasonal wreaths are all the craze when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays. No, wreaths are not only meant for Christmas! Consider a wreath that incorporates the changing of the leaves and other seasonal elements to welcome Fall at your doorstep. If you’re feeling extra crafty, consider going to an arts & crafts store and designing your own!

fall home decorating tips and ideas

Although Summer is barely coming to a close, it’s time to embrace the changing of the seasons with cooler temperatures and family oriented holidays and events. To read more fall home decor tips and ideas, click here.  To learn more about our master-planned communities built in picturesque Southern Utah, click here.