Home Improvement Trends For 2018

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When it comes to home improvement, styles are constantly changing as trends are always updating. Places like home shows showcase the latest in everything from kitchen appliances to carpets and wallpapers. Below are a few popular trends expected to be seen well into 2018, some that have made an appearance now that 2017 is coming to a close.

home improvement for the new year

Matte Finishes In Home Improvement

You heard it first. Shiny stainless steel is out, and matte finishes are in. We are seeing more and more appliance companies roll out refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers featuring a matte finish. Whether that be a matte stainless steel finish, or a matte black finish, we are expecting to see a matte appliance takeover in the kitchen as 2018 commences. Not only will we see appliances showcase a matte finish, but fixtures too, including lights and faucets.

Self Cleaning Toilets

Toilets that were once thought of as being too technologically advanced for America are now making their way across US borders. These high-tech toilets that have been immensely popular in Japan are popping up in homes across the nation. Electrolyzed water is spritzed after every flush, and a UV light that kills germs is then activated thereafter. Not only do the toilets sanitize the toilet seat, but some even sanitize the bowl itself and help decompose any leftover waste. These toilets can come with a hefty price tag when it comes to home improvement costs, but people seem to be eager to implement them in their bathrooms.

Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening allows for people to eat more fruits and vegetables and lead a healthier lifestyle, even when living in urban cities. Living in an apartment in Manhattan may not allow you to have a full backyard garden, but the invention of climate controlled indoor gardens allow you to cultivate healthy fruits and vegetables to help you live  a healthier lifestyle. These indoor gardens are perfect for those living in areas with harsh climates such as long winters with a lot of snowfall. Although these devices do not come cheap, many are seeing the investment in their health as a great enough return.

3 home improvement trends that we should expect for 2018

Technology and trends are constantly evolving, and people are adapting these into their home improvement strategies to stay relevant and lead better and more convenient lives. To read more about different trends expected for 2018, click here.  To learn more about our homes and what they have to offer in terms of amenities, click here.

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