Home Location Checklist for that Perfect Utah Home

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Walking distance to shopping and entertainment is key to finding the perfect home location, for me. That may be different for you and is something you should seriously consider on your first home buying excursion. Before falling in love with your new home, consider what is most important to you. You can always add features to your home, but you cannot move it to Paradise Falls.

location is important

Your Home Location is Crucial

Whether it’s to be closer to work, or to get into a good school district, the decision of your home is dictated by these needs that you want fulfilled.

Here’s some question to ask yourself before falling in love with that house.

  • Do I want to be close to family and friends? If you are not into the idea of making new friends (sometimes you just have so many), think on this a lot. How important is it for you to be close to family? Do babysit, house sit, or or dogsit for you?
  • What is my commute going to be like? In California, many families live in the suburb because it is cheaper and they trade the one hour commute for that. Homes tend to be bigger, but is that a trade off you are willing to take?
  • What is there to do? Do you want to be close to amenities like shopping, parks, and movies? If you are willing to make your whole weekend about getting shopping done in the city, you may want a house further away. If you see yourself making several trips, you might save on gas by being closer.

Perry Homes Southern Utah have great communities that fit the lifestyle that you lead. Include us in your search by asking us questions and visiting our community page!

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