Homeowner’s Warranty

One-Year Limited Home Warranty

Quality Control

Before your move into your new home, several inspections have been made by trained professionals from various agencies – the Federal and State Government, the Municipality, the Lender, and Perry Homes’ quality control division. Each inspector addresses the quality of materials, caliber of craftsmanship, and compliance with industry standards and building and zoning regulations. The result is a home constructed with the highest industry standards and quality materials.

You, however, are the final inspector when you inspect your new home during the Final Walk-Through. Any items that you and the Perry Homes Representative agree are unsatisfactory will be placed on the Final Walk-Through Repair List and will be taken care of with reasonable diligence. Before this inspection, it is important to note the limitations of your home’s warranty.


The One-Year Limited Warranty set forth in the Perry Homes Earnest Money Agreement covers the home during the first year from the date of closing. Some items are only covered by our warranty if they are noted at the time of the Final Walk-Through Inspection.

These items include:

Broken or cracked glass, damaged or missing screens doors), scratched or damaged countertops or cabinets, broken concrete, damaged floor coverings, dented or damaged siding or stucco, chipped or cracked brick or stone, broken or damaged roof tile, or scratched bathroom fixtures, broken or damaged light fixtures, chipped or cracked kitchen appliances, etc.

Any surface or cosmetic damage that occurs after the home has closed and the keys have been given to the Homeowner will not be the responsibility of Perry Homes.


The following issues and items are exclusions from your One-Year Limited Home Warranty.


Cracking is a characteristic of concrete and as such will not be covered under this limited warranty.



To obtain the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the city, your lot was required to be graded so that it does not drain water back towards your home. At this point, Perry Homes is no longer responsible for any drainage problems that may be caused in the future. It is now your responsibility to maintain the grade in place so that it keeps water from draining into your home. If you re-grade, landscape, or alter the grading of your lot in any way, you will need to ensure that the drainage is such that it drains away from your home.


Wall settling is a common characteristic of new construction and minor settling cracks in the paint and sheetrock are anticipated and correction of such will be the Homeowner’s responsibility.


Stucco is a cement product, and it is normal and should be expected that some hairline cracking will occur. As such, Perry Homes will not be liable for this cracking. The true moisture barrier for the exterior of your home is the waterproof wrap that is used as an underlayment to the stucco. Therefore, hairline cracking does not usually result in any leaking problems.


Most surfaces in your new home only require warm water and soap to clean. If you use any abrasive material or chemical cleaners and the finished surface is scratched, discolored, or marred in any way, the Perry Homes One-Year Limited Home Warranty will be null and void for those surfaces. This includes but is not limited to plumbing hardware, plumbing fixtures, countertops, floors, glass, mirrors, door hardware, etc.

It is agreed and understood that no verbal statements made by Perry Homes’ employees, representatives, etc. related to this home purchase and/or inspection will be binding on Perry Homes Utah, Inc. You are, therefore, advised to make written notation on the Final Walk-Through Inspection checklist of any items in your home found to be unsatisfactory. Unsatisfactory items noted will not be corrected if found to be within acceptable tolerances as dictated by industry standards.

Your signature at the Final Walk indicates that you accept the home as being completely satisfactory, except for the items initialed on the Final Walk-Through Inspection Checklist. Items already inspected and found to be acceptable are excluded, but major electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and roofing problems are included.

Emergency Repairs

Only emergencies that threaten health, safety, or personal property will be accepted by phone. Simply call the Perry Homes Office for further assistance (435) 236-2786. If after hours, please call (435) 229-3584.