How To Create The Perfect Gathering Space

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With the holidays upon us, it’s a good time to brush up on what you can do to turn your home into the place everyone loves to come together. Whatever it is that brings your family and friends together, you can add just the right touches to your rooms keep everyone happy.

So take some time to look around your gathering space. Is it comfortable? Is it an easy place to sit and have a conversation?

Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, or outdoor patio, there are three key things to remember: if everyone has a place to sit, something to eat or drink, and something to talk about, you’re on your way to a happy gathering.

A Place To Sit

Remember that when people come together, they should be able to focus on each other. So arrange your seating to make having a conversation easier. This may be easy enough in a kitchen or dining area where there’s a bar, island, or table to gather around. But in a living room especially, make sure your furniture’s layout makes sense for more than just tv-watching.

And whatever room you’re in, it should feel casual enough that almost any guest could feel welcome to come in and have a seat. Add a few soft touches, like a rug or two in the kitchen and a few plush throw pillows in the living room. Fresh flowers or other natural touches always help, too.

Always try to strike that happy balance between bare and cluttered. Space for mingling and moving around as well also personal space, so mix sofas with chairs, and leave some space between the furniture and the walls.

Something To Eat Or Drink

Add snacks. A bowl of real fruit and decorative dishes with snacks and treats can find their place on a table, island, or bar. There should always be something to munch on at a gathering.

Arrange a drink cart. Show off both good taste and good style with a well-ordered drink cart that will help keep guests both happy and chatty.

If you prefer a different kind of libation, put out a glass pitcher of water with a handful of raspberries and orange slices dropped in and a collection of bottled mineral or sparkling waters. For winter, create a hot cocoa bar with flavored syrups and creamers.

Something To Talk About

It may sound cheesy, but having a conversation piece or two can make a big difference. So have something visible in the room that can get guests talking.

If you’re usually hosting family gatherings, opt for something nostalgic that can lead to sharing favorite memories and renewing old connections. New and interesting books on coffee and side tables work well, too.

Something to talk about can always include something to do, too. If your friends or family are into games (or include lots of kids), having favorite board games on hand for young’uns and party games for grown-ups is a great way to keep people talking, engaged, and entertained.

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