How to Create the Perfect Man Cave

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Every single man, husband, and dad would love nothing more than the ultimate man cave. A room set aside for him and his buddies to relax, watch the game, or even play some poker. With so many different possibilities, it may be confusing where to start when looking to create the perfect man cave. Here a just a couple ideas of what to include in your special room.

  • The TV

It may go without saying, but the television is the most crucial part of any man cave. However, it’s not just about choosing the biggest one you can find. Consider the size of the space you are dealing with, you do not want a TV so big and bright that you can’t sit anywhere near it without hurting your eyes. Wall mounted flat screens usually do best because they don’t need a TV stand, opening up space.

You will also have to consider what type of television you are looking for. 4K is the newest picture technology, but few shows are ready to be viewed in such high definition. A 1080p set is the safest choice at least for the near future.

2. The Seating

Now that you have your TV set it’s time to figure out what you will sit in to watch it. An easy chair of your liking is a good place to start. Choose one you feel comfortable in then place in it the best spot in the room. For your guests, a leather couch that reclines is the most popular option.

3. Poker Table

Poker is a relaxing game that almost everyone knows how to play. Having your buddies over for poker night, having some drinks, and exchanging stories is a great way to get use out of your man cave. Plus, it is quieter and takes up less space than a pool or ping pong table would.

4. Surround Sound

Nothing makes watching a sporting event or a movie more enjoyable than feeling as if you are actually in the moment. This is exactly what surround sound will provide you. Having the noise surround you will add just another aspect of uniqueness to your man cave.

5. Refrigerator

Your man cave is your space to be lazy in, so why make getting a drink any harder than it has to be. A fridge full of your favorite beverages is an added bonus to any man cave. One that has a freezer or a door front ice dispenser will ensure that you never have to throw out a warm drink.

6. Decorations

Ok, now that you have all the things to use put in your man cave, you can move on to making it look cool. Paint the room a slighter darker color so that if the lights are off for a movie all eyes will be drawn to the screen. On the walls, hang movie posters, neon signs, sports jerseys, or anything else that expresses your favorite interests.

After following these tips your man cave will be so good, it may be hard to leave.

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