Your Ideal Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

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Cleaning your home or apartment after emptying your home is an exhausting task and can leave you to not find a way to get through the crazy process. Consider this cleaning checklist below to zip you through all the tasks easily!

moving out cleaning tips

Dust Everything

To get you started, begin dusting everything (table tops, TV, above cabinets, and Mirrors). This will prepare you for the start of the other tasks by getting rid of all dirt and dust. Swift gently left and right and when you want to remove dust, lean it over a trashcan to get off any remaining dust.

Clean Kitchen

Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down counter tops, drawers, stove top, and inside the fridge and freezer. After you complete the big overall space in your kitchen work your way to the little things including pots, pans, silverware, plates, and all other appliances that may be dirty.

Scrub the Bathroom

It is common for your bathroom to be one of the least clean areas in the household. Deep cleaning the bathroom is the key to successful cleaning and these are the essentials you will need. Make sure to have toilet cleaner, shower cleaner, mirror Windex, and Clorox wipes. Double check all the drawers and inside the cabinets are cleaned as well.

Vacuum and Sweep

Get out the vacuum and sweeper out to clean up those floors to get them spotless and crumb-free. This is a quick and easy task that leaves your floors looking fresh and ready to go for the next person to move in.

a 3 step moving out checklist

Everything is moved out and now the cleaning is done! Read up on a few more checklist points that will make your home look good as new here. Now that the hard part is over, check out our process to choosing the perfect home and how we get you started.