Interior Design: 3 Keys to Making Your Home Look Awesome

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You don’t have to be rich in order to make your home comfortable and awesome looking. All it takes is employing some basic tips and using your imagination. Here are three ideas that will make a difference in the way the inside of your home looks in no time.

Harness the Power of Three

An old trick that many professionals use is grouping similar items into groups of odd numbers. The rationale is that most people tend to think of groupings as having to include even numbers. For example, they always use two candlesticks on the dining room table, or they opt for two throw pillows banking each end of the sofa. While that approach is safe and it will work, it is also predictable and mundane.

Think of what would happen if you began to opt for three or even five items in a group rather than two or four. Instead of a traditional centerpiece on that dining room table, think of what would happen if you grouped three totally different candlesticks and unified them with the use of one color for all three candles. As an alternative, you could opt for three candlesticks that all happen to be made of brass, but pick up a different color in the room for each of the candles. The change will draw the eye to the table and add a little pop without being overpowering.

Let Your Accessories Add the Color

People tend to worry a bit about adding too much color to the room. One way to calm your fears and still avoid a space that is bland is to use neutrals for the larger pieces in the room and then add color with the accessories.

With this approach, the carpeting, the sofa, and at least one of the chairs would be the same shade of a neutral color. To add some zest to the scene, use wall art that incorporates that neutral color and surrounds it with other colors. With the wall art as inspiration, choose throw pillows that pick up those colors. Continue the theme by picking up one of those colors for a throw on the neutral chair, a different one for another chair. You can even consider adding an area rug to a conversation pit that will float nicely over the neutral carpeting.

The nice thing about this approach is you can always give the new room a makeover by removing all the accessories and replacing them with new ones in different colors. For people who love to make changes that are in line with the changing seasons, this works like a charm.

Mirrors Instead of a Mirror

If you want to add some light to a room, mirrors will definitely help add the right element. You could buy one large mirror for the wall and it would look fine. What it would not do is draw the eye and invite people to take a second look. Add some character by investing in mirrors of different sizes and shapes. Create a grouping on the wall by interlocking those various sizes and shapes. When you are done, you will have a dramatic presentation that also helps to reflect the light in the room, making everything look a little brighter and inviting.

The thing to remember is that making a room uniquely your own calls for thinking outside the box. Conventional decorating ideas do work, but they are not carved in stone. Add some unexpected touches while still keeping some degree of unity in the décor of the space. The result will be a room that reflects your personality, has its own personal flair, and will still be warm and inviting for everyone who enters your home.

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