Why is July the Month for Utah Celebrations, Cue Fireworks!

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Utah celebrations go past the Jell-O and funnel cakes. Many happenings occur around July in Utah. From Shakespeare to Circa Survive, this state has a lot of great reasons to celebrate.

Many of the cities (then forts and settlements) were founded in July. Rodeos dot the landscape from Tremonton to Springdale, and Utahans really get together to celebrate the raw, western heritage of Deseret. But why are there fireworks even after the 4th of July?

Two Big Utah Celebrations

We all know and celebrate the birth of America on the Fourth of July. All the small towns and suburban villages throughout Utah throw their own little parties to commemorate the nations’s freedom.

There are of course parades and pie eating contests. The annual Freedom Festival in Provo brings in big names in entertainment as they perform on stage at the Stadium of Fire.

The Fourth of July is big, but Pioneer Day is BIGGER!

Days of ’47

When the first settlers of Utah came into the valley on July 24, 1847, they celebrated like no other. Today, Utahans honor that Pioneer heritage in a celebration even bigger than that national holiday.

Pioneer Day is more than the settlement of Utah. The Mormon Pioneers that natured the once barren desert believe that this is the land promised to them. Rightly so, as Utah is starting to take center stage in tourism and entrepreneurship.

That is the real reason why there is still fireworks on sale weeks after Fourth of July. A greater celebration of freedom to honor those that have paved the way for the life Utahans have today.

So, if you are wondering why after the 4th you are still seeing fireworks on display, you can thank Utah’s history for that. Is there a certain way you’ve been spending Pioneer Day? Share it with us on our Facebook page!


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