Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean this Summer

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“A clean home is a happy home.”  Wives and mothers have said this for years because it is true.  The hard part is keeping your house clean.  With work, social responsibilities, and sometimes kids, finding time to clean your home can be difficult.  However, with these techniques, you can keep some of the more passed over areas of your home clean and happy.


Dust buildup can be one of the most annoying home problems although it is one of the easiest to fix.  Dusting takes little effort and can be done quickly if you are in a pinch for time.  If you choose to dust, make sure you do it in the right way.  Here are some practices you should use the next time you dust.

  • Move items on flat surfaces to dust under them.
  • Get a step stool to dust the top of fan blades and window sills, spaces that can often be overlooked.
  • Dust the baseboards. This interior detail tends to stand out, and having them clean will make the entire house look clean.
  • Make sure to get the top of door frames as well as the sides.
  • Professional cleaners say that Pledge works best when you are cleaning wood.  Do not lather it on, but a light spray combined with a towel to wipe the surface will get the job done.


Whether it is just you or a home full of guests, the bathroom gets used constantly.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to keep this space clean.  Because it is usually one of the dirtiest rooms, cleaning the bathroom can be difficult at times.  Try these techniques the next time you clean.

  • Water and vinegar is an inexpensive yet very effective homemade mirror cleaner.
  • When cleaning mirrors wipe side to side instead of in circles, this will prevent weird streaks in the mirror.
  • Make sure to clean all parts of the toilet and not just the inside of the bowl.
  • The clip in toilet cleaners do great with helping consistently keep your toilet bowl clean, making it require a heavy scrubbing less.
  • Wipe down lights once they have cooled.
  • Clean all fixtures and sinks.  Nothing is worse than washing your hands in a dirty sink.
  • Make sure to wipe down the wall behind the hand towel.  Water tends to splash off of hands and leave marks in this area.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some lesser known cleaning practices that can really make your home shine, and make your life feel cleaner.

  • Wipe in the direction of the grain when cleaning stainless steel, it will make it look better.
  • If you have black shiny tile anywhere in your home use Vim Oxy Gel to clean it, it will help keep the shine.
  • Make sure to not get excess Pledge on any walking areas, as it will make the floor slippery and a potential hazard.
  • When you are sitting on the toilet, make sure whatever you can see is clean. This will make the bathroom appear much nicer.

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