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Key Tips for a First Time Home Buyer

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It’s time to take those next steps and buy your first home. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and a bit stressed out, take a breath and listen carefully. Below are 3 helpful tips to walk yourself through before beginning the home-buying process. This is a lot of responsibility to take on, but if you commit and set your mind to it, this can breeze you through from start to finish.

first time home buyer pointers

What Type of Home Fits the Lifestyle?

What do you picture when imagining your dream home? Do you enjoy a lot of privacy or somewhere quiet? It is critical to visualize the lifestyle you want before you start the buying and building process. Building a home in the middle of nowhere sounds tempting, but so does building near grocery stores, schools, or etc. it is all up to you! Choose wisely.

Do You Qualify for a Mortgage?

Before your hopes and dreams come to life, make sure you ask yourself how much debt you might have, your monthly income, your credit currently, how long you have been with your current company, and compare your debt-to-income ratio. Getting a pre-approval for a loan is the way to go. Applying for a mortgage before making any type of offer will make the process much easier.

Helping Hands Through the Process?

You definitely do not want to go through this big transition on your own. If you choose to go through a real estate agent, that will be extremely helpful. If you want to find a home on your own, talk to some friends or family beforehand to get some experienced advice from them to know what you are getting yourself into! You’ve got this.

first time home buyer guide

That was easy. For more advice on home buying for the first time, here is the full guide to making the process a true success. Now that you have checked these 3 steps off the list, time to find a home builder. Perry Homes has made quality homes for the past 40 years and we strive to meet our customer’s needs by going above and beyond. Discover our process to see how simple and easy we make it for our customers to get the dream home you have been waiting for.