Living Room Ideas for Your Home

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Need a little guidance on how to decorate your living room area? This is a space to show off your style and personality when guests enter your home. Time to get creative! Below are 3 ideas to give you the perfect living room ambiance.

unique living room ideas

Frame Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in the living room, take advantage of the space and frame it with built-in shelving to get the wall more attention. A fireplace can frequently be ignored due to the large living room you are working with. The frame adds more character and allows you to get creative with it.

Add an Accent Wall

Choosing a wall to add some color to is never a bad move. It is important to not get too crazy with paint. Keeping it simple and adding a touch of accent to one of the walls is the perfect way to spice things up. Energizing the room can never hurt.

Make an Awkward Space an Asset

If there is an awkward open space and you do not know how to work with it, add an accent piece such as a plant, floor lamp, or a nightstand. The great thing about having an extra space means you can come up up with some fun options on what to add. Stick to the theme of the room and find something that will stand out giving the room some spunk.

living room ideas and tips

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