How to Make Desert Green Living Possible

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Splashing in the pool to keep cool this summer is definitely on the list. But with temperatures soaring in the 100s, there has to be a way to keep costs low and make desert green living possible. The AC makes a great best friend, but he needs cash for you to be able to keep him. Here are some hacks for desert green living to survive the summer heat.

Conserve Water

In the desert, water is high commodity. Sanctions have already been put to force residents to conserve water. Lawns need water to look nice and green. Kitchens need to have clean dishes. You can conserve water by installing low flow faucets and toilets. High pressure water wastes a lot and this solution ensures that only the amount needed is used.

For your lawn, use your sprinklers at night.

Use Thick Curtains

Commonly known as blackout curtains, they keep out the sun keeping your rooms nice and cool. This cuts down on AC use in the home making you and your wallet happy with the outcome.


Survive desert summer living by keeping in the shade with blackout curtains. Photo Credit: Amazon

Coming home from your summer escapades and stepping into a nice cool room is the reward of having these blackout curtains.

Desert Green Living with Ceiling Fans

If you’re not out and about during the day, then your AC is probably keeping you cool. Summer nights tend to cool things down and make it bearable to be in your home. Take advantage of the cool air left by the AC by installing ceiling fans to circulate that cold air.  You can save a ton of energy and money just by using the fans!

Invest in Solar Panels

Trying to be green in the desert really means that you gotta harness the power of the sun.

Trying to be green in the desert really means that you gotta harness the power of the sun. Credit:

Why not use the same power source as Superman? You can DIY the solar panels, or choose the best panels and companies people have used. In Utah, you can save over $20,000 by switching to solar power in your home!

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