Waiting for Your New Homes Finishing Touches

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New homes finishing touches are an important part of that American dream of having your own home.  The waiting part can be the hardest as you have seen the floor plans, picked the color swatches, and found the cutest DIY projects on Pinterest to spruce your new home. You are ready to move in, but the house is not yet ready. So, what’s next?

In this final stretch, we thought of 3 things you can do to keep yourself entertained while waiting for your new homes finishing touches

Go to IKEA

new homes finishing touches featured

What a better way to help plan for your future home than by getting ideas from some of the most well thought out Scandinavian furniture! IKEA and other furniture stores have showrooms to help inspire shoppers in designing their home.

Take the ideas from these stores with the family and use the time to get input on the kids’ room, offices, and the kitchen.

Cleaning and New Homes Finishing Touches

Keep that home looking nice and fresh by stocking up on cleaning supplies. Nothing is more exciting than getting new supplies to keep things nice and dandy. Get the essentials like bleach wipes, mops, and some lemon Pledge.

Plan the Perfect Party

You’ve always wanted to throw the best party that gets talked about for months. All the waiting and the prepping can finally be showcased and you are the host.

Treat your family and friends to a great big open house to celebrate the end of waiting and the start of the new happening spot. Show off your home and talk about all the choices you have made and take everyone on a tour.

The Perry Homes Southern Utah community is a close one. Everyone in the community knows and understands what you have been through during the construction. They know that the best way to wait out these long months of construction is by learning how to relax. If you need more ideas, check out our Facebook page and get to know your neighbors!

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