Your New Neighborhood Checklist

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A neighborhood checklist is a good thing to have on hand while looking for a home. Whether you are a family with kids or a single person, your neighborhood will help define the kind of life you will be living outside of work. The city and the suburbs are totally different from each other, so here are some things to consider about yourself and also about your neighborhood.

Your First New Neighborhood as a Homeowner

If you are like most new homeowners, you are probably a young professional or have a young family. This means convenience plays an integral role in your decision of where to buy. Your checklist probably looks like this:

  • Access to art and culture
  • Good food
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife and
  • Recreational activities

If this is correct, then look at neighborhoods downtown, or up and coming communities that give you history and character.

Work with Professionals

While the notion of not having to pay someone else a fee for finding you a home is tempting, for first-timers, you really should have someone that has been there before to help you. The best way to find a deal is to partner with a broker or a group of investors. This is especially needed if you are looking to buy foreclosed homes. A professional can make a difference between your dream, or a blunder.

Compare Prices

Don’t fall in love with a house just this minute. Look at the price of your house and compare it with others in that area. Research the neighborhood (like Heat Index) and school district, even traffic and property values. Time to think of your home as an investment for the future.

If you are already doing this, great! If not, learn from what other homeowners have done by visiting the Perry Homes Southern Utah Facebook page.

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