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New Year, New Housing Market!

By January 25, 2019 No Comments

The 2019 Housing Market

As we all settle in to 2019, it is important to be aware of the housing forecast for the new year. Amid a flurry of market instability across financial sectors, 2018’s housing market was relatively unstable and tended to produce mixed results. In the new year, forecasts are promising for those looking to sell their homes, with a projection of steady sales and price increases.

Southern Utah housing market

Getting into the Market

In a seller’s market, the possibility for a profit to be made off your current house are good! While experts recommend caution in jumping into the market (do your homework!), the market is looking good for someone hoping to profit of the sale of their current house. The mantra “buy low, sell high,” holds true with all investments. With the national financial situation stabilizing, and a seller’s market on the horizon, there is no better time to sell your house and find your dream home.

Housing market 2019

After You Sell Your House?

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