Olympic House Celebrations as if You are in Rio

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Every four years, the summer Olympics rolls around and all eyes are glued to basketball, volleyball, soccer, and swimming.  Children home for summer vacation imitate gymnastic moves, or run around the house like the track and field stars on television. Your family can create rich traditions of olympic house celebrations to entertain and keep yourselves fit on hot summer days.

Check some of these Olympic inspired Olympic house celebrations you can play with your family.

Olympic house celebrations are all about food, family, and fun.

Fruit salad with mixed fresh fruits are perfect for your Olympic house celebrations


This year’s Games are held in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil. You can familiarize yourself with the host city by watching movies set in those city. A new family favorite, Rio, is the story about exploration and getting to know yourself. You can make an Olympic house celebration by watching these kinds of movies during the Olympics and quiz each other about random facts about the host city!


Summer is party time, so why not hold an actual celebration through games with the whole neighborhood. Rachel Ray has this Olympic inspired party complete with games and food. I don’t think you can go wrong with that.


My family loves to sing and this Shorlist of Top 10 Olympic Songs are open to interpretation. You can have  a karaoke competition, have the kids interpret the songs through dance. For some adult fun, add some drinks like this Winter Cup recipe, good for the Summer and Winter Olympics.

However you decide to have these Olympic House celebrations, make sure to post them on our Community Page on Facebook. GO USA!


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