People Describe Utah Perfectly in These Fun Quotes

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Most people know Utah for two things- Mountains and Mormons. Many who don’t know the Beehive State very well think that is all there is, but even if that is true, Utahans are very proud of the five national parks housed in its borders. We scoured the interwebs for the best quotes that describe Utah best. Share some of your own on the Perry Homes Southern Utah Page.

There’s Something in the Water

Fact: The Jordan River in Utah shares many characteristics with the famed river in Israel.

In Utah, there are no bad things in the water there. It’s just smooth, really beautiful.
– Steve Guttenburg, Actor

Rocks and waters, etc., are words of God, and so are men. We all flow from one fountain Soul. All are expressions of one Love.
– John Muir, Environmentalist

We have a water purifier, so we drink a lot of it. As a singer, especially in Utah, you have to hydrate constantly.
– Donny Osmond, Actor/Singer.

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Silicon Slopes

No prospects of gold necessary—just the promise of a competitive salary and an annual lift pass. – Forbes Magazine

In 2014, Utah cities Salt Lake City and Provo both surpassed Silicon Valley in per-deal venture capital averages. From large, multi-campus companies to promising start-ups, Silicon Slopes offers a promising climate for businesses. The entire tech industry has its eyes on Utah.
– Gov. Gary Herbert

Everyone has always underestimated a company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The New York boys thought they could take me on, that nobody out here has any knowledge or wisdom.

-John Huntsman, Sr.

Escape to Utah

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Utah also has the best snow on earth with an average of 60 inches of snow each year.  In the summer, temperatures statewide are high, with July being the hottest month. – 5 Movers Quotes

I came back to Utah to get away from Hollywood.
– Mike Lookinland, Actor

Actually, I was born in Las Vegas. My parents moved to Utah when I was eight because, after 40 years in Vegas, they were tired of it. We ended up in Nephi, a really small town in Utah.
– Brandon Flowers, Singer.


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