7 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Home Builder

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Excitement comes with the realization that you are in a position in life to build a home. It’s a big step! Before you get too ahead of yourself remember to put first things first. An initial priority, along with location, should be selecting a builder. After all, you and the builder will form a team that will make your dreams a reality. Here are 7 questions we recommend you ask when choosing a home builder.

How Long Will My Home Take To Complete?

The anticipation of moving into the home you’re building grows with each day. One of the first things you should know before beginning the exciting process of building a home should be how long will it take. This knowledge will create a plan you, your family and builder will go off of throughout the home building experience.

How Much Will My Home Cost And When Will You Know?

How much you home will cost to build should never be a mystery. Not only should you ask at the beginning how much the expected cost will be but also be clear on when the builder will for sure know the final cost. The last thing you want is confusion concerning the price of your home and to have it end up costing more than anticipated.

How Long Have You Been Building Homes?

In the sense that you are an employer to your builder, you should know his/her resume. You should ask how long they’ve been building homes and if at all possible if you can contact others they’ve built for. Additionally, touring a home they’ve built is a good way to see what kind of builder you’re dealing with.

What Steps Will You Take To Ensure My Home Is Safe?

Safety transforms a house into a home. You should know what steps your builder will take to ensure your home is a safe place to be once it is finished.

Who Will Oversee The Construction Of My Home?

Knowing who will oversee the construction of your home will give you an idea who you will directly communicate with while your home is being built. Communication combats potential mistakes and confusion. It should take place often with your builder during the building process.

Are You Licensed?

Don’t assume because an individual is a home builder that they are licensed and insured. This is pretty cut and dry. If the builder you are talking to isn’t licensed or insured you should look elsewhere.

How Much Customization Privileges Will I Have?

Knowing how much and when you’ll have customization privileges will help you gauge if your builder can build the home you desire. If you are building a home you don’t want any unexpected unwanted surprises.

With a better idea of what to ask a home builder you are further along your way of building that dream home. For more information about Perry Homes Southern Utah and our builders follow us on Facebook.

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